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Shareef Williams

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In the Name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Second Chance for Juvenile Offenders

My name is James Williams also known as Shareef Williams. I can sit here and write you the most romanticized letter about why I should have a second chance at life. But it”ll only be a fraction of how I truly feel.

Yes, I was young when I committed my crime, 17 years old. I foolishly took part in taking the life of an innocent person. Someone who was only doing their job. Helping other people and giving advice. Even gave me some advice.

When the judge gave me my time, I didn’t blink nor drop a tear. Not because I felt I deserved it. But because I had the mind state that I was superman. There’s no way that this man can give me a parole date of 2098, 101 years! I’ll be 118 years old when I first see parole.

I was never a real trouble maker. I was the type of kid that felt the world owed me something. And I felt that I deserved the world in gold. Do to a low self-esteem I just rolled with the punches. This way of thinking has been negative at times, as well as positive. It has placed me in groups that helped me get many jobs. And groups that have placed me in hot water at home. And one time in a detention center over night, at the age pf 15/ For two counts of misdemeanor battery. Which was dropped to one count. I was given probation and community service for my actions.

After13 years in prison, I’ve changed many things about myself. I let go of my I’m the victim thoughts, and started taking responsibilities for my actions. This way of thinking opened my eyes to a new world. I began to give back to the world. And felt that a positive me would be the best gift that I could ever return to the world.

But the big question remains, Do I deserve a second chance? In all honesty, I’ll have to say no. I don’t deserve the chance, my family do. They deserve the chance to see me be a productive person. Someone they’ll be proud to call their son, brother, and father. I’ve hurt them more by my actions, then I’ve hurt myself. So please don’t fight for my freedom. Fight for my family, to have a chance to see the man that I’ve become.

Thank you for your time and support,


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Honorable Dominic S Amato
May this letter find you and your loved ones in the best of health, and state of mind. I must inform you that this letter isn't a motion for a time cut nor a plea for any relief in any way, shape, or form. This is wrote with the hope of being given a second chance to make a first impression.

Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is James D. Williams, you convicted me to life in prison on August 4, 1997 (case # F-971225). At the time my 17 year old way of thinking did not do me or society, any help. But with 12 years of thinking I have come to an understanding that only a mature man can accept.

Many nights I find myself revisiting your court room, hearing your words about the person that I was, 12 years ago, really forced me to put some thought into who I was, and am today.
In 1997 I didn't have any respect for life, nor did I have a idea of respect for myself. This lack of respect allowed me the ability to stupidly take a life. Not just any life but, the life of someone that was a positive influence within the community. And within that same action destroyed any chance I had at any type of life.

Now I realize that remorse isn't something that is used in order to say how sorry I am for my actions. True remorse is within the actions.

And no amount of time can correct my actions. Only a reaction can correct any incorrect action. So with this new thought process, I have been trying to make attempts at changing how I am viewed by people. And even though you don't remember me or even care if I have changed or not, it matters to me how I have left a negative last impression in your mind. So I request that you please up date any negative thoughts of that 17 year old boy, to who I am today. A person that is seeking to correct his past mistakes. May you and your loved ones be blessed and thank you for your time. -

Changing The Youth:The New Revolution....

Change is the most wishful word in the English language. It evoke feeling of hope. Strong possibilities and endless opportunities. You know, "the silver lining in the sky," change does not exist. It's simply another tooth fairy "leave-the-tooth-under-the-pillow" and hope for a gift hoax.

Even you, yeah you, reading this paper right now, cannot change! You can not be a better parent or shed that extra weight or change your attitude. You are who you were ten, fifteen, and twenty years ago and you are doomed to continue on the same course of action until your death.

What’s wrong? Does it hurt to feel insulted??? Well, join the club, This is the same line of gibberish teenagers all over the United States of America are being brain washed with; because of bad choices made during their adolescence. Walk into any juvenile courtroom and you will hear the judge give society this story about how some kid is a disgrace to the community and need to be banned for the rest of his or her young life.

Please don't get me wrong, this is not a call for readily made excuses for negative behavior patterns, it's a cry for help. It is time for society as a whole to became aware and take control of the punishing of our children.

Unless we are going to accept the notion that's being politicized by judges, district attorneys, and politicians that juvenile offenders are doomed for failure and should receive the harshest penalties for first-time offenses. As if the juvenile is exempt from the change that comes with maturity.

These same juveniles are from our communities and upon release will return back to our communities. Now is our chance to take control of the type of adults that will be returning. Join the fight, right now! There are organizations that are laying ground work for a plan to better rehabilitate the children of America. Please go to: http:www.prisonforum and click on juvenile page. Give your input and offer your support. The future should be in our hands.

4 Elements Of Consciousness

Use what you have before, you have not. Supplies of "I TRY" are plentiful. So keep trying, while the rest of the world is doing what you can't. Life is passing join it or be left behind No one will miss you, someone Might remember you, P1""1 not anyone will trade places with you.

We are living... how about you? Has the stress of the world choked the life from your spirit. Broken you down to a meaningless existence. Break free from the burdens that hunt you. No one can save you, but you. The choice is all yours. If you fail, you fail because of you. If you rise to the challenge and win, you win because of you. This fight is all yours, use your four elements. There are few that understand how vital they are, in the game of survival.

Element 1 :
Be aware. This go beyond the three senses, look, listen, and learn. This element challenge the intellect and force one to see, what is not shown; hear what is not said; and understand the unquestioned riddle. This is done by understanding that the human being is a being of the circle effect. The circle effect is the action to the cause and effects of life. There is a high percentage of humans that react the same, to the same cause that effect the behavior. When one is mad, one ball up their face, when one is happy, one smile and so on. The face tells all, the eyes don't know how to keep a secret, and the impulse(VERBAL OR PHYSICAL)is no liar.Humans are all wired
in the same way. "know yourself an: you'll know all.
Element 2:
Silence. Only in the darkness of quietness, is one able to surface the answers, that will manifest the self clearly. If we allow our mind to run wild, our words and actions will mirror the image of our inner self. Educate the self to shut up, point blank. If one can't control their mind, how will one be able to control their out come.
Element 3
The honey effect.Have you ever tried to quickly pour honey from a jar? If you said yes, you have burned off energy that could have been used else where. One has to allow the honey to slowly creep out the of the jar and onto the object of choice. One have to master the honey effect, this is done by thinking before you speak. Allow your works to slowly slide from your mind and analyze each one as it creeps to your mouth and out the lips. A well thought out sentence is worth the world in gold. And can keep one out of a sticky situation, that can leave them stung. them stung.
Element 4:
Store and evaluate. Create a storage space, in your mind for useful conversation. Once you have stored them you are able to evaluate them, and see when and where you allowed an
conversation opportunity to pass you by. By using this element, one is able to mentally encourage themself to speak up when the time is right. And it allows one to become mentally stronger. So when a debate is thrown at you,you are able to counter more effectively. By evaluating our past, we are able to alter our future. Life is a game that is won by the hungry. Every moment is a chance to excel above the rest. Who we are isn’t what matters, but what we become is the important thing.

If you didn't come to play hard, then go home, watch from the sidelines, or die with the rest of them. Are you intellagent enough to win. The war has moved beyond the physical world. The battle field lay within the minds of the human beings. It's all about the power of the mind. Use it, or lose it. Period!!!

MY Appeal
I appeal to you, not the form, or the character of the individual, but the conscious mind of men. We have been placed in a rut. A rut of 2nd guessing ourselves. 9x'S out of 10 we are blessed to want to do more, be more!!! But we allow ourselves to be 2nd guessed by our doubting minds. That part of us that feel like we can’t won’t shouldn’t and can never be better. It's in our nature to seek to be better than yesterday.

Allow your power, to be great, to break free from the monster of 2nd guessing. I call to you INTELLECTUAL SELF, rise up RISE-UP, RISE-UP!!! The time for action is upon us and change of the level self is now. It's time to stop just being good and be the best, stop being average and step into the shoes of greatness. It's us who have sold outselves short, and only the man in the mirror can help you.

The moment of truth is now, the fight is in our own backyard, every last one of us. Clear house or allow it to collapse. We’re man enough to fight each other, man enough to take from each other, man enough to break the law (MAN MADE, SELF MADE AND ALLAH MADE). I ask you this? Are we man enough to defeat our self? To hear that insight from our intellectual self and utilize it? change will come, it's who you are when it get here that is most important.

CONTROL YOURSELF OR SOME ONE ELSE WILL Is one of the building block statement of personal control. Personal control is the ability to take charge of self on a daily basis. Without giving up any part of our self to any one. When we allow any one to control our actions and/or reactions, no matter if the’re emotional or physical, we have giving them free reign over out personal control.

One must be able to take charge of their emotions at any given time. One can't allow them to be manipulated at the free will of others. Even one slip can cause one to lose the game. In life their are no second chances. We live in a world, where everything that we do watched, noted, and exploited for the amusement or benefit of others. One can't allow anyone to take the wheel and steer their life in any direction, that pleases them. One either takes ahold of the wheel of life, and control them self mentally and physically or the puppeteer will do it for you.

One should never allow themself to lose focus, of their personal control. A second of lost focus can 1ead one down the road of being second in command their lives.

Control is given, not taken. NO one can control anyone without them allowing them to. Take control of yourself, before someone else doses. Personal control is a obligation, that the foolish ignore.


There is this group of monkeys that live deep within the jungle, by a stream that emits steam. Naturally the monkeys came to the conclusion, that the water was dangerously hot. Until one day. One of the monkeys decided to pause on the bank of the stream and examine the piece of fruit that it just picked. When suddenly the monkey lost it's grip of the fruit and, it dropped into the stream. Without thinking about the hot water, the monkey quickly reached the water and retrieved the fruit. Upon doing so the moa^y realized that the water wasn't hot as it had thought. It was cool and perfect for cleaning food, and proceeded to do so. The other monkeys seen this and watched in amazement. One by one they slow approached the stream and placed their hand within the water.

within this story there are two important factors, knowledge and wisdom. At first glance the degrees of separation between these words, are hard to see. But a brief look into them will allow one to see there similarities as well as differences. Knowledge is defined by the webster dictionary as: Understanding acquired through experience. This is a process of learning that the monkey went through, by a set of circumstances that pushed the monkey's survival instinct in to play. To starve or eat was it's only choices. Which lead to the monkey to acquire the informationthat the water was cool, and not hot as it first believed.
Wisdom is defined as: Insightful understanding: what is true, right or enduring. Which is the process, that the rest of the monkeys elevated to. After watching the monkey wash its food in the water knowledge and wisdom are bonded by the links of education. This process of learning is more closely connected with knowledge. But the most widely used form of it is wisdom. So in closing a knowledgeable man learns from experiences And a wise man learns from others experiences.

Will: control exercised, over oneself: self-discipline. Within life many of us fail to acknowledge our ability, to have the option of choice. Some either think that we have full power or none at all. The former thought process is for the foolish minds, and the latter one is considered as extreme, depending on the situation that it is applied to. Within the middle standing of intellegence, one must exercise a level of understanding between these two thought patterns. Which will in turn bring one to a realization of an ability of a limited will. Which is a more logical mind set.
Lets take a look at the logical and illogical approach of these three types of wills.

The ability of full power of will, is as smart as fish flavored ice. Let us use the air of rational for a second. Humankind been given full power of will, just imagine the chaos that would run rampant within the world. Every foolish wish and desire can be materialize at our every thought. Think of how many people that we have wished death upon through out our lives. How many people would you have foolishly wished dead and for what reason?

So with the irrational minds of the human being in mind, do the ability of full power of will, still sound logical?
The idea of mankind having no free will is more on track, than the above thought process. But even this leval of thinking is too far to the right. Yes in certain areas of human we have no control. To name a few, our birth, our death, our amount of s sustenance we'll acquire during our life. If one need further explanation why these areas have been taken out of our free will, please refer back to the beginning of this paper. The most intelligent view is that we as humans are given a limited free will. This is given only to show us our growth or lack there of.

So in layman terms, not giving mankiind full free will is in reality saving us from ourselves, and allowing us a limited free will is allowing us to have a taste of responsibility over our lives. Without leaving us void of Guidance.

FORMULATED BY Shareef Williams


Faux Pas (Fo Pa)

(1) As a unit the word Faux Pas (Fo Pa) is defined in the following words: A social blunder, which doe not truly do the word justice. Lets look at the word from a different angle. Faux Pas is made up of two word Faux and Pas. Faux is defined as: Artificial or fake. And Pas is defined as: A series of steps. Upon further inspection it becomes clear that the social blunder isn't a mistake that is achieved overnight. It was built upon a series of artificial steps, which ultimately lead to an embarrassing end. This is the state of our society, the moral standard has been reduced to a with the filth, leaving the four pillars of the society (Home, Community, School, & media) in ruin. Many half hearted attempts have been made to correct the crumbling strcture; but duct tape and popsicle sticks can only hold for so long. A conscious effort needs to be made to rebuild the pillars. Having even one weak one would weaken and take away from the strength of the other three pillars. Forcing them to work harder to keep up as they pull the slack of the weak pillar.

Home is the strongest of all the pillars, because it is the place where the three main parts of knowledge are learned: Values, lessons, and morals. Before anyone is allowed into the realm of the community, they are influenced and indoctrinated within the home, which if the home is stable, leads to a healthy community.

But when the home is decayed only an illusion of the pillar remains and leaves the community to foot the bill. The original role of the community is to be an active enforcer, of the values, lesson, & morals that were instilled within the home. But with the watered downed version of the home, the pillar of community has been manipulated into being a synthetic home. Parents have went from being the main source of behavioral instruction of THEIR CHILDREN to taking the backseat, as their child learns life's most valuable lessons from their peers and the neighborhood peter pans, (adults who refuse to grow-up), then, to add gas to the flames, the government has stepped into the home and setup laws to orchestrate how parents raise their kids. This leads to three things: 1-parents being- useless, 2- the kids spiraling out of controls, and 3- the community being littered with unruly kids. With the crippled state of the home and community, the third pillar school has went from being the provider of knowledge and career training to being a daycare for overworked, high stressed parents. Parents only care about getting their kids to daycare so that they'll be allowed to get some sleep before work, which is at the same time that Kids are getting home which leaves the kids with the new inhome babysitter, the media. Tha media has been floating in and out of our home for hundreds of years. Beginning with radio and newspapers and television.

The media have been a outlet to plant seeds into the minds of communities since it's beginning. These subliminal messages began as harmless encouragements. What styles to wear, family structure and political adgendas. over the years this family friendly pet, has grown into a vicious beast that doesn't only suggest ideas, but takes control of fragil minds within society. The pillars of media has rose above the rest of the pillars and has gained power and the status of the parents. Not just to the kids but also the parents. The role of the media is so powerful that it has taken on an active role of Image consultant to the world. Teaching females that a real woman is the weight of a eleven year old. And when it comes to clothing, less is best. Teaching males that men are emotionless, but physically having a touch of femininity which is a paradox that drive many insane as they are trying to achieve it. Teaching woman that they are the new age men. That men are good for nothing oppressors. Which leads to woman mirroring these ideas into action and words. Influencing her children with her many,"I hate men", tiraids. While continuing to hopelessly looking for a man to share her life with. Which leaves the men with yoke on their face. Some because they have been exposed for the filth they really are. And the rest are innocent by standers who have paid the price many times for the actions of the pimps, players, and dogs. Leaving them with two choices: 1- accept the bad reputation that has been attached to men, or 2- sorrowfully work to distance themselves from the stink of the decayed image of man. This landfill of a society that we find ourselves in, has been eroded.. The many false ideas and images have chipped away at the beautiful surface of these pillars and left there core exposed and susceptible to be changed into whatever is popular at the time. This course of action only leads to ruin and the loss of the core elements of these pillars. Which will be the end of our society. The time is now, we all need to step up and take responsibility for our actions. And accountability for our addition to the problem. The phenomenon of passing the buck is only taking us further away from the problem. Which isn't leading to a solution, in the near future, the nucleus of this problem is within the relationship of the parents.

Men and women need to wake up and see that the state of society can only be changed by them. It is up to us all. It starts with responsibility for our personal short comings and decisions. All men are not to blame for you to allow some men to knock you up and then run away, or abuse you. It's not every woman's fault that you let some golddigger suck you dry (no pun intended),or abuse you. It was your choice to allow these unworthy individuals into your life. Which only added to your bitterness and resentment towards the opposite sex. These thoughts are the building blocks of the downfall of the family structure. Unless the major players of the family structure are willing to work together we're doomed. I would like to suggest ten steps, that if taken may be able to narrow the gap of men and woman in their relationship.

Ten steps of togetherness

1. Take responsibility for your own actions.

2. Take accountability for inactions.

3. Always include yourself while issuing out blame.

4. Know that change starts with the self first.

5. The media is only entertainment, not the law.

6. Expect from others only what you are willing to give.

7. Communicating requires someone being quiet while one person speaks.

8. Yelling is like drugs, useless and deadly in the wrong hands.

9. Sometimes it doesn't matter what everyone else is or isn't doing, your behavior is what matters most.

10. Respect is a two way street, if you don't drive down it, you won't be shown it.

These ten steps are not law and relationships should not be limited to them. But any action is better then none at all. In the words of Issac Newton, "An object in motion remains in motion until stopped by an outside force". We must rise up and be that outside force, this is our society and the way that it is only effects us. Look around you, take a unromantic look at your environment. Is it really what you want to leave your children and grandchildren? Today is the day for action, tomorrow will be to late. We must act now if not for us, then for the safety of our children. And yes, I am aware that I stated the same sentence two times. The reason is to show that the underlining issue needs to be seen as twice as important. We must take the state of our society seriously, continuing to accept artificial examples of what a society is built upon is pure insanity. The time for action is now. tomorrow might be to late!

BY: Shareef/James Williams

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