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Sabir Wilcher

Sabir Wilcher 304719
Green Bay Correctional Institution
PO Box 19033
Green Bay, Wi 54307

My name is Sabir M. L Wilcher and I am currently housed at the Green Bay Correctional Institution. I'm 30 years old and will be 31 in December. At the time I was arrested in 1995,1 was only 15 years old and not well educated. I was convicted of first degree intentional homicide, 6 days before I turned 16, in 1995.1 was sentenced to life in prison with parole eligibility in December 2025.

Before my conviction, I had never been arrested of a violent offense and I wasn't part of the juvenile detention system like Lincoln Hills, Wells, etc. People would have described me as being very shy when I was a kid. I only completed school through the 6th grade. I was bullied a lot growing up and I only wanted to fit in and impress the same kids who would beat me up every day and chase me home. Both of my parents had a crack cocaine addiction and I basically had to take care of myself. We lived in a bad neighborhood in Milwaukee with drug houses on the same street.

I've been down now a total of 15 + years. While I've been in prison, I've gotten my HSED, 2 Vocational Trade Certificates in Welding and Building Maintenance and Construction. I've completed CGIP phase 1 and 2, Able Minds program, and tutor training.

Although I'm still a little shy, I now accept the fact that everyone is not going to like me and I don't need people's approval to be who I am. I believe I have become a person of substance and value. I have avoided gang activity and drug use in prison and have worked on becoming healthier, mentally and physically. I no longer think like the child who pulled that trigger 15 years ago. I value the lives of others, as well as my own. My goal is to get out and show my nieces and nephews how to be productive and positive role models in the community.

I would also like to share my experience with other kids and help teach them the value of education and that fast money can lead you to bad situations. I just wish people would see me for the man I've become and not the kid I used to be...

Thank you,

Sabir Wilcher

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

December 25, 1995

Teen's life collapsed into death At IS, he was a drug house lookout who murdered for his boss —————

David DOEGE Journal Sentinel staff

"Looking back, there are many things 1 would have done differently, and avoiding drugs and my so-called friends would be first on the list." 16-year-old convicted murderer Sabir Wilcher in a letter to Circuit Judge Patricia D. McMahon.

As he strode hump-shouldered into Circuit Court rubbing his chin, Sabir Wilcher had the gangly gait of a young man who wasn't completely comfortable in a body that had not finished growing.

At 15, Wilcher was not old enough to legally do things Wee drink and vote and wasn't physically mature enough to shave.

But Wilcher was old enough to work in a drug house. He was old enough to commit a cold-blooded, execution-style murder of a friend he had known since childhood. And he was old enough to serve a life prison term with parole eligibility beginning Dec. 4, 2025.

"You will be 46 years old at that time when they can consider whether you are appropriate for release to the community," Circuit Judge Patricia D. McMahon told Wilcher. Moments later, Wilcher trudged from McMahon's courtroom, his shoulders slouched the same way they were when he entered.

"I think he didn't have a chance messing with the people from Chicago," his mother, Lynette Wilcher, had told McMahon earlier, referring to gang members who recruited her son to work in a drug house across an alley from his home on W. North Ave. "Where are they now?

"They are on the outside looking in while my son is on the inside looking out."

* * * "I am speaking out of my hart (sic) that what I done was verey (sic) stupid. I would like to say that I am sorry for what I done and being in here (the County Jail) for eight months made me think that what I done was wrong."

* * *

"About two years ago, when Sabir was 13 years old, the supportive resources in his life began to slowly deteriorate," Julie Paasch-Anderson wrote in a waiver study for Circuit Judge Russell Stamper in June. "Both his parents developed a crack cocaine addiction.

"He entered middle school, and the connections that he had at Lloyd Street Grade School were severed. He was introduced to alcohol and marijuana, which he used on a regular basis as time progressed."

The "connections" at Lloyd Street School were a woman who served as a volunteer parent and a physical education teacher. Wilcher's attorney, Ann T. Bowe, said the two took a special interest in the boy because they recognized he was headed for trouble and wanted to "rescue him from the streets."

"His clothes were often ripped and dirty," Paasch-Anderson reported in her study. "He had poor hygiene, and other children often avoided him because of his body odor."

The volunteer parent gave Wilcher clothes, took him on outings and welcomed him at her home. The teacher allowed Wilcher to help out in the gym, got him a membership in die YMCA and took him to sporting events. But when Wilcher left Lloyd Street School for middle school he lost his two rescuers and gravitated toward a street gang, according to the study.

At home, meanwhile. Lynette Wilcher's "judgment was impaired by her own drug and alcohol use," according to the study. Sabir Wilcher's father also had a drug problem and once was put under house arrest by a street gang because of his cocaine debt, the study said.

Within a year of his involvement with the gang, young Wilcher began selling drugs. By March, he was hanging out at the drug house across the alley.

"I have never denied my involvement in this. You see I could not live with myself knowing I was responsible for taking the life of someone."

* * *

Police reports indicate that Emanuel Johnson, a 21-year-old man running the drug house, was the first person to tell Wilcher that "the minister," a shadowy figure from Chicago, wanted Wilcher to work at the drug house. Johnson eventually sent Wilcher by bus to Chicago to meet the minister, and when he returned a couple days later, he was assigned the task of keeping watch for police and was to be paid $100 every other day.

Inside the drug house on N. 14th St., a brown, rundown duplex, worked three "servers" and a "weight man" named Elvis Anderson, 20, who packaged the cocaine, according to police. Also inside the house were a sawed-off ,410-gauge shotgun, a rifle, a semiautomatic pistol and a .22-caliber, black revolver, according to police.

Beside in charge of the drug house, Johnson served as the runner who brought cocaine to Milwaukee and took the $700 to $800 daily proceeds to Chicago, according to a criminal complaint.

After a disagreement with the minister in early April, Johnson later told police, he began forming a plan to kill the minister and Anderson. Anderson, Johnson explained, had to die because he was too close to the minister.

* * *

"At night, I can't sleep. I tose (sic) and turn thinking about that night over and over agin (sic)."

* * *

On the night of April 22, Johnson gave Wilcher the .22-caliber revolver and told him it was his duty to kill Anderson. According to the plan, when it was time for Anderson to leave for the night, he would have to be driven home and it was during that ride when he would be killed.

Later, when Anderson asked for a ride, Johnson got behind the wheel of a friend's car, Anderson got into the passenger seat and Wilcher, with the revolver in his pocket, sat behind him.

Moments after they drove off, Anderson said he wanted to pick up some food, so Johnson drove to a McDonald's restaurant at 920 W. North Ave. After pulling away from the drive-through, Johnson rolled his window up, turned tine radio volume to high, glanced at Wilcher and nodded.

As Anderson sat with the bag of food in his lap, Wilcher raised the handgun and held it about 6 inches from the back of Anderson's head, he later told police. "Wilcher closed his eyes, turned his head down and to the left and pulled the trigger three times," Police Detective Allan Schoessow testified at Wilcher's preliminary hearing earlier this year.

Johnson drove to a dead-end alley in the 2400 block of N. 10th St. and pulled Anderson's body out of the car. After taking a packet of cocaine from Anderson's pocket, Johnson drove back to the drug house.

" You act like you done this before." Johnson told Wilcher, according to a police report.

When they went back inside the drug house, Wilcher handed the gun to a server who cleaned it, Wilcher later said, before he took it home.

The next day, police announced the arrests of Johnson and Wilcher.

Johnson subsequently took his case to trial, was convicted and sentenced to a life prison term with no parole eligibility for 40 years.

Wilcher pleaded guilty in November and was sentenced recently.

"He was 15 years and four months old at the time of the shooting," Bowe said at the sentencing hearing. "This is not a young person who was saved from the streets by family members ... but someone who was able to shoot somebody in the back of the head with no provocation."

* * *

"I hope the victoms (sic) family forgives me for what I have done. But now all I can do is accept the penalty for the crime I committed. I am so verey (sic) sorry!!"

Three Poems By Tyrone Munson

Tyron D Munson #35616
PO Box 351
Waupun , Wi 53963

Congratulation,you graduated,but no one will call your name.No,there will be no role call,no acceptance speech!You did not finish school or make the deans list.There was no diploma,you just simply graduated.Sad,, no mother,no father,no brother,no sister.No one to cheer your name.What for? No one came to honor you,"CONGRATULATIONS,for your GRADUATION"!

"Who do you think you are to receive such a prestigious award?You only survived a household of trama.There is no blue ribbon because your father left you at an early age.You don't get a courageous of the year trophy because you survived the family secret and your mother's shame. That at the hands of someone you trusted.They, did awful things to you."Ha" you think it noble,there is no B.A. there is no master's degree.

For your degree's are third degree burns,that runs from your face to your torso.From hot grease being thrown on you because your mother says every time she looks at you,she see's your father.A mathematician,never saw that in your future,and besides that you are too dumb for that,at least this is what everyone is telling you.You want to be a mathematician? Well solve this problem,One mother on crack. Plus a father who is not even a part of your life,which really is a minus,divided by drugs alcohol,dropping out of school.Equals committing a crime,ending up in prison or dead.

Yeah "CONGRATULATIONS" as you look into the mirror,and you have come to hate him that stares back at you.Because now you believe everything people said about you.No you should not have low self esteem.Suck it up! didn't they tell you real men don't suppose to cry.But this boy who is only 11 years old says to himself I am not a man.But he is indeed a man,but the only thing he can remember was when he was this boy.Now at 30,he is still stuck at 11.CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION.

For this time you have made a stand,from being powerless,to being power ful.You are honored for your silent courage.You are praised for your resilience.Not backing down from when life smacked you around.CONGRATULATIONS. Because you GRADUATED,from a school that had no dreams.The teachers have all failed you,but you passed.Not because of some book that told you this,or you felt that you needed validation from someone else.Or some paper acknowledging mere accomplishments don’t even seem to suffice.
No "CONGRATULATIONS you GRADUATED".Because you choose not to stay in a box,you did not make excuses.You choose not to allow your past,to say who you are in your present.So I think that I should CONGRATULATE you on your GRADUATION.There is no need for a cap & gown,be proud of who you've become.Hold your head up and stand tall,smile for the camera. You made it.not how other's think you should have,but you made it......

This is for anyone who have went through anything in your life. I want you to understand that you have graduated from a school of life and if you are in a right frame of mind I think that you should be proud of yourself.Not for the many bad things that happen,but for you making it this far.It counts for something CONGRATULATIONS

You have heard the saying, "Life in prison without the possibility of Parole".This is an incorrect way of saying it.No, the proper term to use is "Death in prison without the possibility of reaching your goals.”
When you speak of life,I see it a whole lot differently then most.Life consist of hope, freedom, space , joy, fullfillment,and satisfaction.These are the things of life. Life opens up doors, opportunity,you are able to be someone.There is a chance in life,although restricted there is no restrictions.Again opportunity to be whatever you want to be,having that chance.To have an investment in your natural abilities,your God giving talents.

When I speak of life what also comes to mind is freedom.In life you have a freedom,freedom to express yourself without any consequence. Freedom is to live how you choose to live.Not a freedom to do whatever you want to do no matter who gets hurt.But a freedom to be in love with someone,to really care if they are hurting.This freedom is not stifled by rules that utterly disregard the human physique.Where the natural senses are controlled by unnatural senseless people. With a new respect you are able to taste what is good.To enjoy the flavors of what life has to offer.
To smell,that which smell good to the central of your nerve system.To touch the very essence of what this freedom is all about,Life.Whether it be a plant,a dream,a new born baby,a beautiful women,or whatever it maybe.To hear a song,a word of encouragement.A simple I love you,or what about children playing outside,the sound of her heart beat as you both lay together.Yes this is life,to see those things which at one point you were blinded to.Love,respect family,marriage,to care,to have compassion,and understanding.

This is freedom,this is what life is all about,But where I'm at is death.I received death in prison.To live under the dictates of those who doesn't even believe in my life concept.Those whom are so caught up in trying to prove that I am the criminal,that they,themselves have failed to see there own criminal mental and emotional behaviors.Death in prison,there is no enjoyment watching second by second,minute by minute,hour by hour,day by day,week by week,month by month,and year by year going by and you can’t help but think,"I'm" dying.My dreams of ever being what I wanted to be is slowly wasting away.

This is a superficial reality,what seems to be never is.You have no more chances,you cant go to the beach,you cant watch movies with your family.You know the little things,there is no dream job here.In all actuality you no longer live.You just merely exists.So there really is no such thing as life in prison.There is however death.Death of your hopes,death of your dreams,even the harsh reality of losing family members.This is not living,although you may have to settle or some how condition your mind for acceptance.This is not living! do not have life in prison,no I have death by incarceration.

You strip me from my freedom,I admit I've did some wrongs.But why are you trying to keep me,away from home for way to long? If I accentuate my culture,you misjudge me for being in a gang! But you are a part of a "union" an "institution" that's all the same.I maintain a positive mind frame,but in your brain I'm still the same.Just because you are stagnated in your growth,doesn't mean that I cant change.

How dare you define your morality,by the position you hold over me. Looking down at me with a frown,but seriously you're worse than me.I've committed crimes to get me here,but now I digress from such behaviors.On the other hand,you back hand your children and noisy neighbor’s.On a drunken tantrum,you mentally destroy whomever they want to be.By callin them fat,cunt,ugly,or stupid!You have no right to keep on judging me.

After 400 years,we are still in the same boat,no buses are used to transport.Teenager's ranging from 12-thru-18,giving death sentences,in a all white mans court.Sent to prison,the new plantation,to work for meaningless wages.All while keeping us locked down in cell's smaller than little dog cages.The department of corrections,no let me correct you.There is no correction in prison.More like the death of connections or destitute of colored men.How about the destruction of our children.

I admit there are men who still belong in prison.Because they fail to realize the prison within them.But there are some whom you locked up as kids,we have long since recompensed for the things that we've did. Society if you hear me,please don't be ignorant to the facts,that concealed behind these prison walls are many people who want to give back...