Thursday, July 9, 2015

timothy morgan

Timothy Morgan 275295 GBCI
In 1993 at the age of 16 I was charged and waived into adult court, and in 1994 I was sentenced at the age of 17 to life without the possibility of parole until the year 2019, which is now only 5 years away. Throughout my incarceration I have completed my HSED, Anger Management, CGIP 1&2, Challenges and Possibilities, Business Math and Communications Voc Ed., and currently sit on a waiting list for the Barber/Cosmetology Program held here at Green Bay in hopes of attaining a license in that field. I have been employed for almost all of my incarceration, with the exception of being in segregation on two different occasions. My conduct history has been stellar outside of these two major conduct reports. I spend my time in religious studies, legal research, maintaining my health with good exercise, painting and anything that will contribute to having a positive learning experience and human experience that I can share with others regardless of the limitations of restrictions surrounding being incarcerated. I also just started writing blog posts that can be viewed at (

      Many of us incarcerated have beautiful families, yet lack the luxury of expression through the social vehicles that they readily have access to, and that continues to shadow the bright minds that await the exposure to the world. It's not the families fault for not truly understanding the complexity of these conditions while thinking that support only comes in our visits, letters, phone calls, and money for canteen... when in reality it's much greater than that. It is said that love is the highest elevation of understanding and so strong it's unbreakable... this is what I want my life to exude upon everyone I can possibly meet in this world and not just for me, but for the ideal that hopefulness has thrived in the hearts of many forgotten adolescents who are now priceless adults like myself who’s ready to not only make some differences, but become whose differences by God’s permission.