Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hayes Jackson

Hayes E Jackson #253086
PO Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805
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I was waived into adult court at the age of 16 years old. In 1994 I was convicted of A class B felony, I was sentenced to a total of 100 years with parole after 25 years. I was 17 years old when I was convicted.
Convicted by jury trial of PTAC OF FELONY MURDER, ARM ROBBERY,
The type of person I was before my arrest, I was more of a
Follower. I was peer pressured into a lot of things by friends
I was always a good kid but got hooked up with the wrong
crowd. I was a giving person with a big heart, I was always
making people laugh even when I knew that they were going through a difficult time.
I have been incarcerated for 16 years.
While being in prison I have gotten my HSED. Stayed away from conduct reports, Looking at things alot different through the way the victim felt if it would had happened to someone I loved.
I have become A man who is patient, respectful, understanding trustworthy, Someone people would love to get to know if giving A chance. I see more deeply into things than many people who were not shackled by my inhibitions. I have learned alot to take back into the community and help the younger kids who are going down the path I ones went down.
Sincerely yours Truly,
Hayes E Jackson
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Jose Manuel Bonilla

 Jose Manuel Bonilla 492184
PO Box 900
Portage, WI 3901

My name is Jose Manuel Bonilla. I was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, but mainly I was raised in New York with my father. I had a very difficult childhood. My father kidnapped me twice when I was a baby from my mother. I was raised not really knowing who my mother was until the age of 6, when the FBI came and took me from school and brought me to the care of a woman with whom I've never known or met till then. I had
a hard time adjusting, I was introduced to brothers and sisters who I never knew I had. With time, I grew to love and know my mother and family.

My father, when I had turned 9, somehow managed to gain custody of me at which time he brought me back to New York to live. I resented my father for taking me back away from my mother. I had a problem readjusting to living with my father again. I attended school and did good. I led the school marching band, performed Piano solos and led concerts at the schools I attended. I was in the Boy Scouts too. Both my parents were very poor and I never had the things I wanted, but I had what I needed.

My father was a heavy alcoholic and was very abusive at times, which led to (CPS) Child Protection Services taking me away at the age of 10 or 11. I was placed in a run away shelter for several weeks, then transferred to an (RTC) Residential Treatment Center in upstate New York. While in the (RTC), I started having a lot of problems with the other guys around me. Getting picked on and fighting a lot. I started trying out drugs like weed and liquor that would get snuck in the RTC by some of the guys.

I was then sent to a group home when I was 13 and started doing well again. I had a personal tutor, I attended work shops and various youth programs. I saved a little money and finally decided to come back to WI and live with my mom. I found out my mother was very sick, so I could take it no longer and I ran from the group home in New York, and came out here to be with my mother and help her. I was in school and was very helpful to my mom. I noticed how hard things were for her financially while she tried to support me, my niece and her sister who was very sick. My aunt had this disease called PIC, its similar to alzheimers disease except it begins at an earlier age. I loss two uncles to the disease also. My mom couldn't take care of my aunt anymore and was forced to place her into a nursing home.

Not long after, my mother passed away when I was 15. After she passed away, I pretty much spiraled out. I was in deep depression. I started to drink again heavy and smoke weed. I was still in school and had found a job with family as a painters apprentice. I got a girl pregnant, but she had a miscarriage.

Then I caught the case that I'm in prison for now. I went to a Marquett College party with 3 other guys. I only knew one of them though a gun was brought along, I ended up getting a hold of it. When we got to the party we weren't allowed in. An argument broke out over some racial remarks that were said to us because it was assumed that all of us were Latino. We tried to leave, the guy who I thought to be my friend at the time continued to argue. I went up to the porch to get him since he was the driver. When I got to the porch to pull him away, the guys he was arguing with pushed us off the porch. We both landed on the concrete walkway. The guys on the porch started to come off the porch towards us, reacted out of fear and pulled the gun out and shot once towards the crowd to back them up. They kept coming off the porch and out of the house. There were a bunch of people on top of my so called friend and I fired another shot towards the group of people to get them away from him. I got up and ran toward the car and noticed one the of the other guys I was with calling for help. I ran behind the big guy who was on top of him and fired a shot that went the big guy and into the guy I was with unfortunately wounding them both. I later learned that my the first shot i fired hit someone in the shoulder and went through someone else's jacket, luckily not injuring him. The second shot I fired hit the same guy that I had injured in the back, in his jaw. Somehow he was unaware of the injury because he continued to fight the guy who called out for help.

I was charged with one Reckless Injury in the first degree, two Reckless Endangerments in the first degree, and one in the second. I was facing a total of 82 years. At the Jury selection, right before trial, my Attorney told me that it would be my last opportunity to except the plea agreement, which was that I plead guilty to the Reckless Injury and one Reckless Endangerment which would be reduced to the second degree the other two charges would be dropped and read in for sentencing purposes. I would be then exposed to a 45 year sentence. It was up to the judges discretion at sentencing. The Attorney told me that I would not be getting more than 10 years in prison max. My father was a paralegal in New York and was well versed in the law, so before excepting my plea, I asked to call him in N.Y. My Attorney let me call right there on his cell phone in the court room. I ran down to my father what the Attorney said, then my father spoke to my Attorney to confirm. He told me that the Attorney said that I would not be serving more than 10 years max in prison if I took the plea but that he would be fighting for 7 years.

The Attorney explained that because of my age, this being my first felony offense and the fact that I was taking responsibility for my actions, the judge won't give more than 10 years in prison max. So with the impression that the judge wouldn't be sentencing me to more than 10 years in prison, even though I still felt that rather harsh, I took the plea. As a result, I was sentenced to the whole 45 years. Under the Truth In Sentencing Law, so I am to do 30 years in prison with 15 years of extended supervision. Both charges were ran consecutive.
I have been incarcerated now for more than 5 years. I am still trying to fight my case through the court system, but with no success. At the moment I am on my second Appeal attempt, Pro Se, which is currently in front of the court of Appeals. Since my incarceration, I have managed to obtain my HSED. I have graduated from one vocational program (so far), I have become a Certified Tutor for the DOC with a certificate from the Literary Volunteers of America. I tutored both the ESL (Non-English speaking) and the Special Education Needs students as well which honestly takes a lot of patience, especially when trying to teach English as a Bilingual Tutor. I am currently completing a Coping Skills program which I've finished and am awaiting to take CGIP and Anger Management also. I will be signing up to take Restorative Justice soon too. I am also working on starting a college correspondence course soon to get my Associates Degree in either Law (paralegal), Psychology or Business Management. I have set for myself realistic goals for my future while I continue to strive for my freedom, not allowing my current situation to discourage me.

In 5 years I have matured far beyond my years, forced to grow up very quickly, I am now 22 years old. I have a lot of plans I would like to bring to the community. I really want to focus on the Latino Community who don't speak English, opening workshops for the juveniles to learn English and more about their culture, as well spread my story to encourage kids & teens to head in a new direction. I have a lot of ideas and things I would like to accomplish in life as you can see. But most importantly, I am focused on the one thing I lack the most, my "FREEDOM!• • •

As you have read, I have had a rough life. I've lost both my parents at a young age, my father several months ago. I have almost no support at the moment, but I hold a deep drive within to regain my freedom and make my own family. 30 Years is too much time for anyone to have to do, let alone a young man. I am not one to avoid my consequences, I understand the severity of my actions. I acted in defense of myself and others, but I also acknowledge the results of my actions. I took full responsibility for my actions at the age of 17, which shows the sense of responsibility I had then. I entered the prison system at 17, a young teen, and am to get out at the age of 47! An old man! No offense! But honestly, what can could I offer to the community and society at such an age? What experiences would I be able to share with others? All I will know know is these prison walls. I was sentenced as though I've taken 2 lives! I know of others who are doing less or equal time for double murders and homicides! I feel as though I've lost my life for a mistake that I made when I was younger.

This situation has truly been a difficult one for me in which I've matured through, but I continue to move ahead and pray that one day I will get the second chance I deserve. I've been told over and over again how harsh my sentence was and I hope others will see as well. Too many of us are having our lives taken away with no opportunities for change...

I don't expect you to have the key to my freedom, I only ask for the assistance in sharing what I and many others view as extreme and harsh. I understand the main focus right now is on those of us who serving life sentences, but I like to shine light and open the doors for those of us who brought into the prison system at a young age and given these lengthy sentences that are considered life! In prison or even out there in the community, ask anyone what a life sentence is, I can almost guarantee the response will be 25 years! In prison we consider anything over 25 years a life sentence, and my life has been taken away from me and my loved ones. Those in which I've physically injured because of my actions, have to live with the events that took place that awful night, but I thank God that they do get live, leading normal lives. Unfortunately for me, I have to not only live with the realization of my actions that night, but also the realization of the life I may not be able to live.
Thank you so much for your time, I greatly appreciate you reading this extension of my life and interest in the situation of many of us young men...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jacob Baker

Jacob Baker #316255
CCI, PO Box 900
Portage, WI 53901

My name is Jacob Baker . I was convicted of 1st degree intentional homicide and attempted armed robbery in Milwaukee Co. I was 15 years, old a “run away at the time and I received a sentence of life imprisonment with a parole eligibility the court at 2046. I would be 65 years old and have been incarcerated 50 years straight when I’m first eligible for parole. Right now I’m 29 years old and have been in prison for 14 years. It has been a long road and regrettably not always a positive one. As of his writing I am sitting in Wisconsin’s Supermax and am considered one of the state’s most dangerous prisoners. I wish I could add to the examples of those juvenile offenders who were waived, sent into adult prisons, I stayed on a positive track from the start, however I’m not-but I still feel my story can add some useful into a “juvi” who’s grown up in the system, has changed and is not a throw away kid and why juvenile justice reform should be supported.
It has been only the last couple of years that I have become more conscious of my actions and responsibilities as an accountable person, regardless if I’m in prison or not. Unfortunately a lot of young men in the system get caught up in a terrible cycle of anger, frustration, fear, desperation and never moved past it, because the system isn’t set up to help them deal with what they are going through . kids are just thrown in a cell and left to sink or swim. Most kids sent into the system are good kids though, they’ve made a mistake but still want to be responsible, to be respectable- sometimes it takes a little time to figure it out on our own, so not all of us have a perfect record to present, but most kids who commit their crimes as juvenile offenders do not understand the severity of their actions or the consequences at the time (most of the crimes are extremely unfortunate reactionary unthought-out situations)and it isn’t until later in life do they actually realize what they exactly they’ve done. It isn’t just a “copout” excuse for one’s actions. There definitely is a disconnect between the child minded juvenile who committed the crime and the adult minded man he is to become.
The crime I committed involves a 14 year old female accomplice and I breaking into an apartment to burglarize it for “run away” money, it was only intended to be a burglary, nothing more. We were surprised by a person being in the apartment as we burglarized it and the situation spiraled out of control. Some very reactionary and stupid decisions were made that left an innocent person dead. Shocked by what happened, we both left the apartment immediately. We were both caught shortly after, and were both waived into adult court.
When I first came into the adult prison system that wasn’t made for getting by or rehabilitation. I was sent to one of WI’s worst prisons. Known for its routine violence and nicknamed “gladiator school” because of it.
Most kids who enter this sink or swim environment don’t start off with a very good track record for positive prison adjustment whether they’re rehabilitated or not.. that’s reality and I was no exception. And unfortunately I was caught p in that cycle for many years. However, this doesn’t mean me or other Kids were not rehabilitatable . Most of us were(and are) just trying to get by in an environment. Most of us kids have , with time, grown and matured and genuinely want to be good productive people given a second chance, not just what we’ve been labeled because of the grievous mistakes we made as children- throw aways-or products of the prison environment. We want to be good, we want to be responsible.
I may not have started my prison sentence off very well and I am still paying for that. But I have grown up and I’ve learned to take responsibility for myself and my actions. I truly feel sorry for the crime that I committed and the hurt and pain I caused. As a kid I wasn’t even close to understanding the severity of the crime I committed –it wasn’t until later as an adult I read the court record that I realized what I did and it is still hard for me to reconcile the fact that I committed this crime with the me I am today because today I am an adult and a different person.
Does this mean that I or others should not have been sent to prison or be held accountable for wrong doings and crime? No, That’s not what’s being proposed here. What’s being proposed is that a child who is waived into adult court and sentenced to life, if , after time, this person has shown remorse and extensive rehabilitation, and that he will positively serve society if released under supervision, that a second chance be given.
Whether ever given a second chance or not, I have recently changed my life and plan to be positive and productive in all things I do. I will always be burdened by my past, the crime that I committed. I will bear that burden as a reminder to work twice as hard and be twice as committed to positive change. Thank you for our time and God bless.
Jacob Baker

Lamont Moore

Lamont Moore 246986
Waupon Correction Institution
P.O. Box 351
Waupon, WI 53963


My name is Lamont Moore. Born July 2, 1975. I am currently serving a life sentence, where I must serve 25 years before I become eligible for parole, which is not guaranteed. My eligibility date is August 2017.
At the time of my arrest, I had turned 17, thirty six days prior. My original charge was 1st degree reckless homicide by child and carrying a concealed weapon.
I ended up waived to adult court, going to trial on 1st degree intentional homicide while armed, as a party to a crime charges. In April of l993, I was found guilty. Still 17 years old, I was sent to Green Bay Correctional.
Before my arrest, I was in a gang, in the streets and very reckless. I had no regard for anyone, except myself. I dropped out of school just to hang out with people whom I thought were my “friends”, and “cared” about me. I was wrong . It took a while to see and recognize that. So the type of person I was before I got locked up, was a person who lacked self love, worth, esteem, knowledge and appreciation,
That was then. In 2010, I’m completely evolved with a craving for understanding things possible. After 18 years incarceration, I’ve traveled a very long way. I pride myself on it.
I’ve accomplished so much. I attained my HSED\GED. I have a diploma in Small Business Management. I graduated from Custodial Services with a B+ average. I became LVA certified a tutor and have helped many receive their GEDs; on and off the record. I’ve completed many of my mandated programs, with the exception of CGIP – Phase 1 and 2 and Anger Management. Both of which, I’ve remained on a waiting list for, due to those with less time than I.
I’ve held numerous jobs, whether vocational or tutoring or working on things I’m unfamiliar with. I enjoy new challenges, as it expands my knowledge.
The best thing I’ve accomplished while incarcerated is the understanding of life. Without it, I’ve always taken advantage of it or taken it for granted.
I’ll be 35 this year and the person I’ve become, I enjoy. I’ve become independent in ways that didn’t seem possible.I understand the value of life, friendships, education and survival. I focus on the positive aspects of everything. I think before I act, no longer jumping the gun. I’m not angry at the world, whereas, I’d love to learn more about. I’ve become patient, caring, compassionate, forgiving, honest, reliable, respectable, trustworthy, etc..
Basically, I’ve grown from the foolishness to being productive and efficient. The type of person I am now ? I’m very proud myself, as well is my Mom! And that’s saying a lot. I’m the good guy, the one you’re not ashamed to stand next to.
Why do I believe I deserve a second chance? I am not the same person I was when I was 17. I couldn’t make a good decision if there was one decision to make.
I didn’t understand what “life” meant to law abiding people. More so, I was confused because I was looking for somewhere to belong, when my family was there. I used to blame people for my problems, when I was the one causing them. That was then.
I am a different person, now. I consider myself a young man, man with a direction, a purpose, a sense of self awareness and an in depth appreciation for “ life” and what it represents.
I was given the opportunity to better myself and become a responsible person. I believe I’ve done that and much more and I’m ready to show you, as my community, that I am ready to participate in “life”.
I do believe I deserve a second chance. But before it’s too late. After serving 18 years, I believe in rehabilitation. Yet to sentence someone to so much time in prison, with the thought of rehabilitation, it becomes a punishment because the likelihood of one getting out is unforeseeable.
Thank-you for reading these thoughts.

Lamont Moore 246986
Waupun Correction Institution
P.O. Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963
May 2015
Essay:A Juvenile Rehabilitated
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Lamont Moore 246986 WCI
A Juvenile Rehabilitated (Second chances for Juveniles)
As a youth, we’re not equipped with divine understanding of what it means to be a leader, humane. Only through trial and error do we come to know and understand the importance of our existence, our soul, our spirituality. With this spiritual enlightenment, we come to accept and acknowledge the effects of our choices. Therefore accepting our fate in the world.
As a youth, we search blindly to fill a void of the very things we take for granted, such as compassion, companionship, friendship, family, loyalty and love, only to be substituted by the very things that plague our nation and our communities today.
By God’s design, man is equipped with many imperfections with no sin greater than the next. Yet far too many are eager to judge ,exploit and turn their backs of the ignorant and spiritually blind for no reason other that to satisfy the now ”norms” of society, which will have us believe and act as if the future and lives of our youth have no place in the world when they make decision that the enlightened would not. Again , no man is perfect and neither am I.
There was a time when the leaders n our communities were not only role models, but disciplinarians of our youth>It was a calling. A duty that one took  pride in. These same leaders are now scarce, which allows this injustice to plague our communities and youth to run ramant; free of constrictions that once were pivotal. The same injustices that are now sweeping our nation with rapid and brutal force reflecting that black lives don’t matter. This reflection couldn’t be Farther from the truth.
But it’s never too late to try to gain our foothold, standing up and being accountable. God gives us strength to overcome all things that do not sit well with us. We have our battlegear and as part of God’s army, we are equipped to deal with the injustices within our communities. But first, we must realize that there is a problem.
And so arises the question of who is lamont. No one can tell you this story better than I can. But I am a man who’s genuine at heart though I’ve been through a lot .I have capture the spirit of the past and am using it to force my future. My faith is strong as well as my determination to erase the stigma place upon me that I am a waste. I am still a child of God and my life does matter.
This is my story:
My name is Lamont. I’m a 39 year old Back man. I’ll be 40 on July 2nd. I’ve been incarcerated since a juvenile I was 17 years old when I committed and act against a fellow young man. It changed my life as well as the victim’s, forever, as he is no longer with us, and I, incapable of understanding life and its pleasures, nor did I comprehend the decision I’d made. For committing murder, I was sentenced to a term of life imprisonment with a 25 year parole eligibility date of August 2017.
23  years later, I am a completely different person> A man whose past will never be forgotten or ever ease. IN my youth, I’ve made decisions I’m not proud of, but eventually played a major part is developing my future, carefully molding the man I am today.
Raised in Milwaukee, WI, I lost my father due to health concerns. I did have a single mother who gave me all that she could but I was troubled, mentally distraught form the loss of my father and the treatment thereafter.
Raised Christian,  I swayed from the church, finding myself in the streets, searching, not really knowing or understanding what it was I was looking for: lost, misguided as I was I embraced this, abandoning my roots and my family and found myself going through a trial for my soul.
I attempted to fill a void with something that I thought was sincere and because I found “brotherly” love in the streets, I felt obligated to show loyalty to those I thought showed loyalty to those I thought showed me that same degree of loyalty. I was foolish and because of m personality, I went a step further:  Unthinkingly , I senselessly took a life- another of God’s creations. Not once did I consider what it meant to do because remorse didn’t register .I didn’t think about what he’d grow up to be: whether he was a father, a loving son or a playful big brother. I didn’t take responsibility for what I’d done because I didn’t understand. I didn’t appreciate God’s design of life being a precious gift. It was not his plan for Goshida Hall to die at the hands of another.  For that ,I can earnestly say that I am truly sorry without being selfish, self –centered, irresponsible and immature.
That was then and still I am a work in progress, flawed yet making amends by accepting responsibility for such a careless, senseless act, which cost Yoshida his life. I had to find it within myself to decide if I wanted salvation because my soul was hurting and by finding myself ,I found God again, setting myself right because the love that I sought was the love that I had overlooked throughout my youth. And for the last 23 years, I’ve grown , matured, become dependable, responsible and developed a sense of being and an identity I am proud of.
Even with my flaws, I know God will keep me strong and faithful; on my journey> and so, I am a man who has changed for the better and I’ve never forgotten my past because it’s the fuel that feels the fire that burns within me Today. I am understanding, compassionate, sympathetic and in tune with my spirituality, which gives me the strength and direction to become a better man tomorrow than I was yesterday. This is my story and it matters to me. I am rehabilitated and believe I deserve a second chance in society
Contact me at:
Lamont E Moore 246986;WCI, Po Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963