Thursday, December 24, 2009

how does it feel to give?

...Simply Can't Be Put Into Words!
How Does It Feel To Give?
Hummmm, I can't say I've ever given, how it feels to give much thought. That's not to say that I don't give. It's just that giving, or the feelings that follow isn't something I think about. I just do it and move on.

Giving was exemplified in just about everything my mother did. Aside from the abuse she subjected me to, Momma had the biggest heart I've ever seen. That was the beautiful thing about Carol Bridges, better known as Momma. Not only would she give of herself and her wealth but of her ears, and her shoulders for tears. She didn't lend a hand, but two- And don't let her know you need money or a place to stay; she'd give you her last dollar, and make extra space. That often meant on the floor I had to sleep, but I never complained because I could clearly see... GIVING was bigger than both Momma and me!

When it's all said and done, I learned early on that GIVING is far more than a holiday or a kind deed, but OUR DAILY DUTY TO ONE ANOTHER AS FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS! I'm thankful to my mother for teaching me this. Now my heart is as big as hers and HOW IT FEELS TO GIVE simply can't be put into words!
Andrae L. Bridges