Monday, January 24, 2011


Second Chance For Juvenile Offenders
In this blog we will introduce and discuss a proposed program developed by two prisoners who have been incarcerated since they were children. It asks us to not only acknowledge that youthful offenders can and do change but to support their attempt at a second chance at life as a result of the significant changes they've made. Due to the fact that the majority of youthful offenders profiled here never had the opportunity to experience life before getting incarcerated for LIFE, it's safe to say that Second Chance For For Juvenile Offenders is advocating a second, first time at life for these now adult men and women. Men and women who are no longer the violent, self-destructive, misguided, youth they once were. Although the number of cases where a juvenile is sentenced to life without parole in Wisconsin are low, the number of those sentenced to life with parole are high. However, many of them aren't eligible to see the parole board for 20, 30, or 45 years or more. That's essentially life without parole. In 1989 judges were given the ability to set parole dates. What they failed to consider was the fact that people do change, especially children who are less culpable than the adults they were sentenced as.
We ask you to read the proposal and the profiles of the prisoners we have here. There will be more profiles and essays coming. We hope to encourage what is becoming a national discussion. As I put this blog together, the fate of juvenile offenders waived into adult courts is being discussed in the U.S. Supreme Court. Please read these young men/women's writings and you will agree that there has to be a time when we say enough !
Andre Bridges Above
Roy Rogers above

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