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Prison resumes

Institution Resume

Columbia Correctional Institution
2925 Columbia Drive (P.O. Box 900)
Portage, WI 53901-0900

Reach Out Program (1993-2003) Columbia
• Mentored and educated at-risk youth that were allowed to attend the R.O.P. from all around Wisconsin.
• Created summary, survey, evaluation, and data forms. Compiled and assessed all data received.
• Interviewed inmate participants.

Cognitive Intervention Program - Hub House (9/1/05-3/26/07) Waupun
• Successfully completed the following programs while housed in the CGIP-Hub House:
* CGIP Phases I and II
* CGIP Phase 4 Disclosure/Support Group
* Community Services (Over 600 Hours)
* Criminal Thinking
* Able Minds
* Commitment to Change
* Framework for Recovery
* Diversity Circle
* Abused Boys Wounded Men
• Facilitated, proposed, and created programs, i.e., Abused Boys Wounded Men
• Mentored and tutored fellow CGIP participants
• Produced, directed, and narrated two video programs for students at South Division High in Milwaukee about life in prison and criminal thinking.

Restorative Justice/Victim Awareness (2/7/08-4/28/08) Columbia

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 1992-Present) Columbia & Waupun
• Lead Food Server
• Vocational Printing Clerk
• BSI (Pressman, Technician, Accounting Clerk, etc.)
• Controller-Dishwasher
• Administrative Clerk/ Tier Tender
• Trash Collector
• Segregation Janitor

• Work very well with others
• Responsible, safety first
• Complimented on jobs completed and work ethics
• Attention to details
• Flexible, willing to learn and do new things
• Take and follow directions very well
• Worked closely with the community
• Determined to give back and lead by example
• Trustworthy and dependable
Institution Resume

• HSED/GED (8/29/93) Columbia
• Vocational Welding Moraine Park Technical College (WCI)
• Associates Degree in Theology of the Bible Family Radio School
• Math/Marketing (6 Credits) UW-Platteville
• LVA Tutor Training . Waupun
• Certificates: •
* Assertiveness Training
* S.M.A.R.T.
* Vocational Mathematics
* Occupational Communications
* Student Success Strategies
* Occupational Success Strategies
* Production Welding
* Welding
* CGIP Phases I and II . * Framework for Recovery
* Diversity Circle
* Abused Boys Wounded Men
* Able Minds
* CGIP (Housing Unit Based) Phases III and IV
* Commitment to Change I, II/ III
* LVA Tutor Training
* Baptismal
* American Bible Academy Bible Studies
* Great Truths of the Bible (Crossroads Bible Institute)
* Survey of the Bible (Crossroads Bible Institute)
* Associate of Religious Education Degree (Family Radio School of the Bible)
* Bible Correspondence (The Prisoner's Friend Ministries)
* Restorative Justice

Ambitious, flexible/ dependable, compassionate, young man looking to continue mentoring and educating the youth. Eager to learn new things and lead by example. Easy to get along with and always considered a valued employee.

Please contact me.

Stanley Correctional Institution
100 Corrections Drive
Stanley, Wisconsin 54768

Seeking to be a prime candidate in spear heading the Redemptive Re-Entry Program.

* Education Clerk 3yrs at CCI
* Lead Server in Unit Kitchen 2yrs at CCI
* Janitor 6months at OSCI
* Braille Transcriber/Worker 3yrs at OSCI
* Tutor 2yrs at GBCI
* Tutor (current employment) at SCI

* Vocational Printing
* Macro Economics Course (3 Credits) UW-Platteville
* Trained as a Braille Transcriber
* LVA Tutor Training
* Took Introduction to Business Class at CCI

* AODA Level 5B (Mandatory)
* Anger Management
* Challenges & Possibilities
* Restorative Justice
* Responsible Thinking

* Counseling at Risk Youth in the Reach Out Program at CCI
* Counseling at Risk Youth in the Youth Awareness Program at OSCI
* Counseling at Risk Youth in the BRICK Program at GBCI
* Served on Victim Awareness Service Committees at CCI in which we raised money to support local boys and girls clubs, organizations that serve children who have been victims of child abuse; women who have suffered domestic abuse; families in need; the Red Cross to support victims and family of victims in 9-11 attack
* Published juvenile crime prevention brochures thru the reach out program distributed to various schools and social service agencies
* Open letter writing to Transition High School in Milwaukee
* Participated in a informational video promoting restorative justice

* Completed religious based alcohol and drug abuse treatment program
* Completed religious based anger management treatment program
* Completed numerous Bible Studies for spiritual enrichment
* Consistent involvement with chapel program as choir director, piano player and singer at CCI under Chaplains Burkum, Dawson and Jackson, at WCF under Chaplain Wilks, at OSCI under Chaplain Burkum, at GBCI under Chaplain Baker and currently at-. RCT under Chaplain Mohr

On 4-14-94 a DOC classification specialist reported the following recommendations:
1. That I receive educational training and get my HSED
2. That I get vocational training due to limited employment history
3. That I go through AODA. level 5B treatment Program
On 4-24-94 a DOC clinical staff member reported the following recommendations:
1. Based on the risk for increased anti-social thinking and
behavior it was hoped that I seek out contact with a chaplain at a permanent placement and enroll in pro-social activities
These recommendations have been fulfilled

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