Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lloyd Jarrow

Lloyd and nephew

Lloyd Jarrow #365826;
general Delivery
LA State Prison
Angola, LA 70712

What do you do as a juvenile sentenced to natural life for a crime you did not commit and the judge refuses to consider "New Evidence" that the prosecutor withheld . . . evidence that support your innocence?
What do youdo when the judge faults you because your attorney didn't check the prosecutor's file for this evidence, some, 10 months before trial?
What do you do when the judge's ruling disregard all the motions your attorney filed requesting this evidence, two weeks before and during trial?
What do you do when the judge's ruling even disregard her own ORDERS (before and during trial) for the prosecutor to hand over this evidence?
What do you do when the judge's ruling disregard the law and the fact that the prosecutor lie to your attorney and herself (in open court) about the mere existence of this evidence?
What do you do when the judge's ruling disregard the prosecutor's, inadvertent, admission to having sent you this evidence only "by mistake"?
What do you do when the judge's ruling disregard a sworn affidavit from your attorney affirming your innocence and/or the prosecutor's withholding of such evidence?
What do you do with "New Evidence" that would have permitted the jury to see your case from a whole different light?
What I've decided to do is show you just how inconsiderate and wrong a judgment can be ...

If you have any comments or wish to be a part of my mental support team you can help write or email at the addresses below. The only requirement is that you are positive and optimistic — believe in change.
Lloyd Jarrow General Delivery La. State Prison Angola, LA 70712
email: lloydjarrow@myjail -
NOTE: "When someone is innocent it is everyone's business"
— LuLu

Please don't stone me
For I am innocent.
with the fault of the indigent

We can't go on this way, our lives
has taken a different turn..
as a people detached &unconcern

We are more than distinct colors
We are the spectrum & common neighbors..
a lost Friend, Family, savior

How did we get here, how do we change..
For the higher good, for humane

We share the same sun & recycle
The same air….I am u and u are me-there

Love is stronger than pride..
It's my heart to u
It's God's will-for I have abide

Here's the bridge, save your talk..
It's the son of God at your feet bleeding
Head, heart, and soul.

Sometimes we don't realize
Just how much we mean to someone
..just how much we are connected

Sometimes we don't realize the power
We can draw from each other.. sometimes we are afraid

Sometimes fear keeps us
Until we lose hope & foresight
To see beyond the moment
Sometimes we forget….

Lloyd Jarrow #365826;
general Delivery
LA State Prison
Angola, LA 70712

A Once Illiterate Offender expresses His Innocence
It was 55 days after my 17th birthday when I was arrested on suspicion of murder. I was suspected after two witnesses said they saw me w/the shooter headed toward the scene minutes before the shot. I was in tenth grade –special aid –reading and writing on a 4th grade level. I had no idea then that I’d end up here, learning to read and writing about my innocence.
Let me explain. Those witnesses were ex-offenders and drug addicts-hardly enough? They were thrown in jail until the trial, allegedly, to ensure they would attend. The prosecutor had to come up w/something else, but there was nothing else. Although I was at the bar past curfew none of those witnesses saw me shoot or kill anyone! I had never been convicted of a crime. All the evidence pointed to the shooter-who confessed, yet maintained his innocence. During the trial my attorney stressed “my client is innocent and we’re not saying he was an accessory; we’re saying he was not involved in any way.”
In spite of this, the prosecutor tried to get me to plea to a lesser charge of 5 years probation, if I’d agree to testify that I was w/the shooter when he robbed and shot the victim. I wanted to, out of fear and desperation but it wasn’t true! Because I refused, the prosecutor had no witness to the murder so in the midst of the second day of trial he allowed the shooter to plea to a lesser charge (15 years) if he agreed to testify that I was the shooter, which he did. I was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to natural life in prison.
My trial went swift and without the evidence that would have supported m innocence. The evidence that was withheld by the prosecutor came later, years later, “by mistake.”
I say mistake because this is what the prosecutor said when and how I received the Grand Jury testimony and statements of witnesses, which I was totally unaware of. This evidence implicated his two witnesses of murder. The prosecutors had the trial jury believe his witnesses had no reason to lie, as did the detective, for indictment! When the grand jury ask about “ any other person other than’me’ that had people to come forward and implicate, he lied, and covered for them, in order to make his investigation more reliable. I tried to petition the courts with this newly discovered evidence(pro se) , along with a sworn affidavit from my trial attorney that” If I had discovered these statements I would have done everything under allowable law and have used these statements to support your innocence!!

If you would like to stand with Lloyd in his fight for freedom an d education, you can help by writing to him at:
Lloyd Jarrow #365826; general Delivery; LA State Prison; Angola, LA 70712.

Note: Lloyd was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole . If you believe that sentence was too cruel and teens especially should be given a second chance, share your concern by contacting Citizens for A second Chance; Kelly Orians, 504-522-5437.
Kelly Orians is the campaign coordinator for the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana.

Many small people, who in many small places do many small things can alter the face of the world”
Piece of graffiti from the Berlin Wall, Fall 20 years ago.


If you had ask me to describe my foundation in high school(i.e. round the time I was abducted into the adult prison system) I wouldn’t have been able to. I’m sure I had some sort of impressionable foundation. But if you had asked me to express it in writing I probably would have looked at you with contempt and alarm, esp had you been one of my teachers. It’s not that I hated writing I just didn’t know how, i.e. to read, write or spell. And everyone of my teachers know but did very little to help. I don’t fault them anymore than I felt myself cause there were times when I was plain stubborn and childish. As a jaded teen I felt alone and uncertain. I didn’t know how to discern or make friends. In fact, I fought against the very foundation of my social puberty.
At home there was no one there capable of schooling me, at least not academically. My father was deadbeat and gone. I only knew his name and face cause we wear the same. My mom did her best. She was illiterate and dying from depression, drugs and physical abuse. Though she maintained a steady job for 27 years I had to sieze he checks or whatever was left of it. She could tell me the day before payday no matter what she says or do I was not to give her the money back. Instead pay the bills and if it wasn’t enough I had to flip what she had until I had enough for food, school clothes and rent. It wasn’t easy to deny her esp. where she was jones’n for a fix. Then she would cry, beg, scream, demand and plea for a hit or a few dollars to get one. It hurted me to see her in that state as much as it hurted to go without food, field trip money and decent clothes. It hurted even more because I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand the foundation she was installing in me. A foundation of strength and independence.’
That was her gift to me. And cause of it I’m able to stand firm inspite of being sentenced to natural life as a juvenile.. inspite of the grief of loosing her… inspite of having spent over 5,675 days of my life in prison for a crime I did not commit….Inspite of it all she gave me a foundation…

I am not sorry and neither will I apologize for a crime I did not commit!! Would you?Some people say its funny how the system convicts the innocent. As one, I don’t believe it’s funny at all. I believe it’s a random disregard of human life. I believer it’s murder!!! So random and murderous to where Innocent Projects ha d to be set up throughout the states. Unfortunately, most of all of them only accept DNA based cases. What’s to happen to those cases where the accuse is coerced to give a false confession, or (like me) where the D.A. withheld favorable evidence that support your innocence..evidence that not only implicate his witnesses of murder,but point out where/how the lead detective covered for them in his investigation and /or testimony before the grand jury ?!? It’s a game like putting coins into the pinball machine. You cast your ballot to elect them and they cheat you by withholding evidence. They cheat believing “trials are too important to be left up to juries,” Someone once told me this is not a world for the honest! This is not a place where people are concern about anything beyond themselves. For all the wrong reasons I’m compelled to believe it. But I know there are people that are just as concerned bout the innocent as they are about the environment.
Even still, if I ask for help – if I ask you to stand with me as an Innocent Juvenile Offender sentenced to NATURAL LIFE (to death) I wonder if you’ll brush me off as just another innocent person? I hope not but if you do please remember my cry and:

“The moment we stop
Fighting for each other that’s
The moment we lose our humanity”

I hope you are sober
At least enough to remember
And appreciate the treasure of life

I hope for tomorrow
For a more promising future
For love and space to grow

I hope you are inspired,
Inspired to fight for your dreams
Like oxygen fighting pollution to

I hope you smile


  1. I believe Lloyd Jarrow is innocent!!!!!

  2. I have read Lloyd case over and over again and everything in me tells me that this child is innocence and I pray to God that he brings everything to the light and that Lloyd gets real Justice for his innocence